lunes, 15 de junio de 2009

Por qué miraba la cámara? xD

Re bizcocho ajajaja (pero es la más linda y nítida que hay...)

Max Scofield :P
(es iguaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal)

Una de yapa... :)
Nothing's gonna harm you,
not while I'm around.
Nothing's gonna harm you, no sir,
not while I'm around.
Demons are prowling everywhere, nowadays,
I'll send 'em howling, I don't care, I got ways.
No one's gonna hurt you, No one's gonna dare.
Others can desert you, Not to worry, whistle, I'll be there.
Demons'll charm you with a smile, for a while,
But in time...
Nothing can harm you
Not while I'm around...
Not to worry, not to worry
I may not be smart but I ain't dumb
I can do it, put me to it
Show me something I can overcome
Not to worry, baby
Being close and being clever
Ain't like being true
I don't need to, I would never hide a thing from you,
Like some...
Nothing's gonna harm you,
not while I'm around...

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